Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Art Order- Assassin Devil

So, Jon Schindehette (D&D Senior AD) has a new challenge set up over at his blog: to do a redesign of a creature from the 4th Edition Monster Manual II, just based off the illo description, not the actual image used. Anyways, above is my initial sketch of the creature. It's just a rough concept at this point, but it gave me a lot of key ideas I wanted to explore with the design.

- The armor needs to have a demonic anatomical look to it, I want to push this more and not do the typical horns/spikes and skulls. I'd rather do shapes that look like bones and muscles. . . but metal.

- I think I'm also going to reference some Indonesian designs for the character, but in a different direction then the D&D Devas have gone.

- I'm going to look at more Wayne Reynolds work for inspiration. He has a way of adding detail and layers to a costume that makes it feel "real" and I want to start capturing that type of feel. I think it brings a sense of realism to the characters and what the represent.

So, that's about it for now. I have a lot of cool ideas and I just need to get them worked out and revised.

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